Professional Voice and Communication Coaching

In English, Spanish and French

Our training

Tailored training sessions that will take your communication skills to the next level

Executive communication coaching for business leaders

Learn how to present, persuade and lead effectively

Entrepreneurs communication to deliver an effective pitch

At Actium Group, we help entrepreneurs prepare and deliver an effective pitch

Public speaking & presentation skills for Individuals

Learn how to present, persuade and lead effectively, no matter where you are in your career

Available online & in-person training in
London, Barcelona & Copenhagen

We stand as the only company in the world with a team of fully qualified voice and communication coaches who provide their expertise in English, Spanish and French

What makes Actium Group unique?

Our World-Class Credentials.

All Actium Group communication coaches have been awarded the Masters of Voice Studies: Teaching and Coaching from the Royal Central school of Speech and Drama (RCSSD), University of London.

This qualification is considered one of the most prestigious and well-regarded programs in the world for those seeking to become a fully qualified voice and communication coach.

Our team is certified in the world-leading master in ‘Voice Studies: Teaching and Coaching’ by the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

A team of leading communication experts at your disposal

Our coaches are professionally qualified experts in the study and practice of the spoken voice and public speaking. Together, they bring over 20 years of experience in professional coaching, having helped clients excel at communicating with impact and authenticity world-wide.


Founder & Principal coach


Principal coach


Senior coach


Senior coach

What is a voice and communication coach?

A voice and communication coach is a professional who help individuals improve both their vocal and communication skills. We work with clients to optimize vocal production, delivery, and expression. We aim to help individuals developing a clear, confident, and authentic voice that aligns with their unique personality and communication goals, enhancing both verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication.


Why is it important to seek a qualified voice and communication coach?

First of all, a qualified voice and communication coach prioritizes vocal health and safety. Unfortunately, many communication coaches and public speakers coaches don’t possess formal voice training credentials yet offer training in aspects of the spoken voice as part of their services. Obviously there are potential risks and dangers in providing voice coaching without proper qualifications. As fully qualified voice and communication coaches we understand how to prevent vocal strain and injury, always providing appropriate warm-ups exercises, and techniques to protect our client’s voices.

Moreover, voice coaching plays a significant role in helping individuals sound authentic and confident in their communication, as it helps discover, develop, and embrace one’s unique vocal identity. Our voice is a fundamental aspect of how we express ourselves, communicate and engage with others and therefore it should be treated with the care and professionalism it deserves.


At Actium Group, we are masters of the spoken voice, blending our extensive expertise with innovative voice technology.

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